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“The Protective Rollcover from Rollcorp saved us thousands of dollars in repairs and 10+ weeks of downtime! We were removing a 24-foot long and 3000-pound feedscrew from an extruder. There are high-polished chrome rolls opposite of the extruder that cannot be bumped because even a minor blemish will cause the product to fail quality tests. As the screw exited the extruder’s barrel, the overhead crane drifted and the screw hit one of the chrome rolls. Watching that was a moment that turns your gut into knots. We sat the screw on the floor and nervously removed the roll cover and to our surprise and relief, there was zero damage. The roll cover had a 1.5-inch long tear and a mark on it. Without that cover, we absolutely would have damaged the chrome roll and would have been in a bad situation”

Robbie R. - Plastic Extrusion Company
"We use several coating and Gravure cylinders for coating adhesives and we cover our engraved surfaces with Protective Rollcovers since 2010. Our fork truck driver, not realizing the height of his forks went full speed through the side of the box and moved a (10 x 80) 1250 lbs. 12 feet across our warehouse floor. I saw no way that this roll would have survived the impact without damage. The guys in the roll shop actually started making bets of whose head would be rolling. The Rollcover protected it, and from seeing the damage to the crate I couldn’t believe it."

Chris C. - Coating and Laminating - 2017


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Large chill rollsPlastic ExtrusionEmbossing
Coating RollsRubberEngraved
Calender RollsGravureLaser Engraved
Flexo GraphicPrinting RollsCoating / Metering
AniloxFilm ExtrusionElectrically Heated
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