About Us

  • We are an industrial sewing company that manufactures custom protective industrial roller covers. The Roll Blankets are used for protecting the expensive surfaces of industrial rollers in your various machines. They can be used while transporting, rigging a roll into the machine, or when working on a PM shutdown.
  • We understand that a simple dink, dent or scratch on the roller can render the very expensive surface useless and cause downtime. Our PROTECTIVE ROLLCOVERS fit around the roll with a soft interior fabric on the inside touching the surface of the roll, and industrial padding on the outside. This external durable denier fabric with hook and loop enclosure straps makes for easy on and off. Our PROTECTIVE ROLLCOVERS use 100% USA supplied materials.
  • We design our custom Roll Blankets to fit your application, focusing on quality and a product that is going to last. Your employees are going to find these covers easy to use and downtime from damaged rollers will be reduced significantly which will save your company time and money. The facts are that our Rollcovers last longer, are of superior design, and are manufactured right here in the USA. We supply and ship our covers all over the world.
  • We welcome inquires about other industrial sewing needs that you may have at your facility. Our creative staff has provided numerous industrial solutions for companies just like yours.

A roll cover is a fraction of the cost of refinishing a damaged roll.

7 facts about Protective Roll Covers:

  • Protect your investment
  • Reusable & durable
  • Covers rolls during change overs
  • Protection during storage or shipping
  • Easy sell to management as a preventative maintenance plan
  • Easy identification of specific rolls with our clear data windows. Identify your roll while it’s covered or in the box

Why do you need your rolls covered:

  • Saves time, money and customers by avoiding roller damage
  • Keeps production rolling and increases output
  • Significantly reduces roller clean up before running the line
  • Rollers need to be protected from the elements…that accidental dink or dent and from possible installation damage.
  • One slip during handling could be costly and bring your production to a halt.

It’s security you don’t want to be without!