High Heat Covers

Rollcover heat cover-Good for high heat applications 475 F standard
-Featuring Thermalwrap technology
-Insulation and meets flammability requirements
-High durability and mechanical strength

Test the cover at elevated temperatures set for 474 Degrees F
( Note the cover is only ½ the width of the roll )
Reading At  5:15 AM   placed cover on at room temperature
Reading At  5:40 AM  Temp = 363 F
Reading At  5:44 AM  Temp = 400 F
Reading At  6:00 AM  Temp = 474 F
Reading At  7:00 AM  Temp = 474 F

Safe to the touch at 474 F,  Easy to remove, and no damage to the cover

3 benefits of high heat covers:

1.) Protects surface
2.) Safety from burns
3.) Reduce running costs by insulating will not running or during heat up losing valuable energy

    • Laminators
    • Hot Oil Rolls
    • Electrically Heated Rollers
    • Curing Drums
    • Heated Sheet Die
    • Blown Film Die and Extruder’s
    • Hot Oil Pumps

We sell material for wrapping additional ancillary piping and equipment

High heat coverHIGH TEMPERATURE THERMAL SEAL (HT TS) – High Temperature Needle Mat
HT TS is a mechanically bonded glass fiber insulating blanket of uniform density that offers reliable superior performance at temperatures up to 1200″F (650″C).
HT TS meets UL requirements (Ref # R11184), all requirements of military specifications MIL-I-24244 and MIL-I-16411 and all pertinent automotive flammability specifications.

HT TS is manufactured from a well controlled assortment of long glass textile fibers to assure uniform mechanical bonding with no additional binders. Product quality is maintained through a carefully controlled needling process which creates uniform insulating efficiency during exposure to elevated temperatures.

HT TS is available in standard y.” (6mm), Y,”(13mm), W (19mm) and 1″ (25mm) grades.

Heat cover graph 01

Heat cover graph 02