Whole Sale Pricing

OEM’s *Sales Reps*


  • Please contact us on how we can build a partnership, we are always looking to help supply our distributors with discounted pricing to increase their sales.
  • Are you in the roll business or in a related field:
    • Roll Manufacture
    • Machinery Manufacture
    • Engraver
    • Equipment Supplier
    • Chrome Plater
    • Service Company
    • Rubber Cover
    • Sales Rep
  • We also offer whole and contracts to multiple location companies who meet our minimum requirements.

Rollcover full_cover

What can we offer you

  • Discounted whole pricing engineering and sales support to make this relationship work.
  • Add your company name and logo on the rollcover.
  • We offer blind shipping and packaging to your customer.
  • Territories for your related field can be discussed.

Let us help provide your customer with a value added product for your service or equipment.

Protect your investment while the roll or equipment is being installed or transported to different suppliers and stage during your manufacturing or installation process.

When they look at their equipment, roll rack, and crate inside the factory let them see your name and advertising, it’s a constant reminder of your company.