Roll Covers

Roll Cover Types:

Basic Roll Covers

Deluxe Roll Covers

High Heat Covers


Rollcovers colors collection

  • Data windows 9″x12″ – designed to accommodate 8″x11″ sheet allows quick and easy identification, inventory sheets and inspection reports
  • Choose from a variety of colors – color code different rolls or lines / products
  • Length wise Velcro or industrial strapping (easier for larger roll over 12” diameter)
  • Thickness – 1/4 – ½ – ¾ padding if you need it to fit into a roll stack
  • Canvas, vinyl, heat resistant materials
  • Build large covers in sections recommend for diameters over 30 and face length over 100
  • We can add handles every 48 inches for easy handling and installation
  • Custom labeling for different machines, rollers, finishes, company’s names & ADD your logo

Rollcovers sizes

Full Size Cover Types

Rollcover combo

  • Cover the roll completely around to protect surface
  • These covers can be made in sections for rolls 40 diameter or over 100” face length
  • Link covers to cover rolls up to 96 in diameter and 300 in face length

Two Piece Cover

2 piece rollcover

  • Covers large rolls.
  • Covers are built in sections.

Half Cover

Rollcover half cover

  • Half covers are used to protect the rolls while they are in the machine so they protect the top of the roll while being worked on or when the roll is being by passed in the line.
  • They strap on underneath the journals they are much easier, when trying to maneuver in and out of a machine in a calender stack or if you are in a tight spot were you can’t fit a full cover.

Protective Covers

Protective Rollcovers

Sheet Dies
Large Equipment
Air Craft Parts
Drill Rotors
Filter Bags
Cover your other equipment
We engineer and design in house
Made in USA