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Frequently asked questions:

  • „„Delivery – we base our delivery on our production schedule and average delivery 7-14 days.
    • Standard covers delivery: 7-14 days
    • Deluxe covers delivery 2+ weeks
  • „First time customer maybe asked to fill out a credit application:
    • „What materials should I have the cover made from?
    • „What provides me the most protection and is most cost effective?
  • Calculate your roll size:
    Rollcover Face Length Diameter

Why do we ask to know about your rolls function and application?

„1. To get you the right cover for your needs give you recommended standards in your industry.

„2. To design a custom cover that meets your needs and giving you options to best suit your application.

„3. We engineer and design our covers to fit your roll, machine and design system that work for your people handling the covers.


„-Vinyl cover with ¼ inch padding, length-wise hook and loop


-„Maximum padding protection

-„Upgrade canvas

-„Hook & loop strapping

-„Armored edge

High Heat Cover

„Other (Please specify what type of cover you are looking for)

*Top selling featured cover is the Deluxe*

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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